Who Are You Really Talking To?

Each year, thousands of companies around the world use the DISC tool to determine their employees’ common behavioural style and patterns.

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The Top 3 Pain Points I Guarantee You'll Hear

No matter how great you are as a person and business owner, or how incredible your business product or service is — if you’re in business, you’re going to encounter problems of some sort.

3 Reasons Small-Medium Businesses Fail

So many small-medium businesses fail before they can reach their full potential. Sadly, this is occurring more and more often. In most occurrences, these business could actually have a really strong business model; however they often are missing 3 things...

Motivation Matters - Simple Ways to Delight Your Team

When people are engaged and enjoying what they're doing, when smiles and laughter radiate through the room — it’s infectious. Whereas, if people are glum and no one is happy you don't want to be there as a customer.

The 4 Sale Styles You Need To Avoid

As a business owner, manager or even an employee of a business, avoiding these sales styles can ultimately be the reason for business success.

Emotional Intelligence: Leadership of the future

Emotional Intelligence (often referred to as EQ or EI) is the tool of the future. Emotional Intelligence, in my opinion, is a requirement for any leader. It helps people better understand and work with others, and it helps people connect and perceive other’s emotions and inner...

5 Key Areas of a Profit and Loss Statement and how to Interpret

If you have been filing away your Profit and Loss Statements (P&L) before you even read them, you are not alone. So many business owners do the same. But, it is essential to read and understand your P&L if you really want to run your business successfully. 

The 5 Key Ways Explained

The 5 simple things business owners can do that ensure a successful business.

Do What Your Competitors Don't Do

When looking after your customer, it's all about them. It's not about your product or your store, it's about them...