“Milton is an incredibly experienced business person from the real world, here in Melbourne and regional Victoria. We wanted to adapt and evolve our business and needed guidance from someone with the right skill set and cultural fit. From our first meeting we knew Milton was the right person for the job and we embarked on our journey covering key areas such as accounting, leadership, sales, marketing, customer service, production and human resource management. Milton’s professionalism, maturity and wisdom combined with his sense of humour and zest for life gave us the boost we needed. We now understand our business better than ever and the return on investment speaks for itself. We can highly recommend Milton to help achieve your business goals and empower you to succeed.”

Megan Corbett
Owner – Wood Wizards Kitchens

“From our first meeting I really resonated with Milton’s business experience and how he understood our company, as he could clearly see what we had been missing and how we could improve. With his support, enthusiasm, fantastic eye for detail and wonderful sense of humour, our business has moved closer to the level it needs to be. We have only just begun in the past 2.5 months, however, we have had an enormous amount of improvement in customer service, team management and financial cash-flow, and we cannot wait to see the further results of Milton’s coaching. Most importantly, I found Milton to really understand me and listen to where I wanted my business to go. Once you find the right business coach, even for an already successful business, the improvements and growth is incomparable.”

Georgie Webster
Owner – Bonlex Australia

“I was lucky to participate in a workshop designed and facilitated by Milton during a time businesses are experiencing unprecedented pressures due to Covid-19. I am never quite sure what I will gain from a 3 hr workshop particularly when the problems appear almost unsurmountable. However, I can honestly say that Milton provided some grounded advice, amazing encouragement, and practical business strategy that I can definitely use to move forward. Highly worthwhile.”

Jackie Goodyear
Owner – Jeds.

“Milton Collins has been a crucial mentor in the development of our process, structure and accountability within the business. He has high attention for detail and is a results driven coach who has provided unwavering support not only to myself but the whole team. The process has provided clarity around our goals, structure around our processes but most importantly unity within a culture. Highly recommend.”

Debra Lawry
Director – Ray White Romsey

“As a management consultant, it is my business and particular skill set to notice the quality of the culture of organisations. Milton continually asks for, listens to acts on feedback and continually strives for business excellence. Milton and his team seem indefatigable in their attempt to delight their customers and to provide true service. They actually do the things the text books say to do – figure out what the customer wants and deliver. So wonderful to see a healthy organisation not only doing it right consistently but they have almost branded a unique and personalized approach to this service industry”

Caroline Shahbaz
Director – Shahbaz and Stonehouse

“We had a year of coaching with Milton after meeting him at a public talk. It was a good opportunity to reflect on our current systems and implement positive change. After years in practice our eyes were unaccustomed to seeing areas for improvement. Coaching helped us take a step back, review our processes and shake things up.”

Tiffani Clingin
Social Worker – Liberty Health and Happiness

“Milton is no stranger to business, with a proven record of delivering exceptional results in all areas of business. He possesses an intuitive capacity to identify key drivers and successfully implement plans and strategies, leading many businesses to sustained success.”

Derek Jones
Currie Communications

“Milton has a wealth of experience and is extremely professional, and he has helped my business grow beyond expectation in the last few months. I highly recommend Milton at Action Coach.”

Micheal Nalesnyik
Mortgage Broker – Loan Market

“Highly recommend Milton who is passionate about delivering process, structure and accountability within your business. He is genuinely interested in ensuring positive results and has a wealth of experience to back it up. He can be tough but that’s what you want when you are aiming to be the best you can be.”

Debra Lawry
Director – Ray White Romsey

“Milton is a highly regarded business coach who applies his extensive experience to help businesses grow. Highly recommended if you’re looking to grow your business sustainably and with confidence.”

Will Smith
Business Owner – Macedon Digital

“Milton is very knowledgeable, experience, directed and results based geared towards performance. Definitely recommend.”

Chaz Arachchi
Founder – Robusq Group

“I’ve attended Milton’s seminar and this was the highlight of the day. Very informative and inspiring! If you are a business owner, you should definitely attend one of Milton’s seminars!”

Luiza Struska
Principal Solicitor – ConnectLaw

“We trusted Milton with our financial affairs for many years. We always received sound and timely advice. Milton was a pleasure to deal with.”

Keryn Conners
Safety Coordinator – Burra Foods Australia

“I am a previous client of Milton Collins who was an amazing coach to our organisation helping us from 2 clients to 500 in one year. His input was amazing.”

Cristina Karvonidis
General Manager  – Give a Care


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